Rustic Man Basement

Barn Wood, Junkstock

The basement belongs to Mr. R&R. I’m totally fine with that. He needs a retreat from living with me, Rae, and Rose. The basement wall contains four TVs for maximum sport watching. He lives down there during college football season. Since the space is his, I suggested he hang his deer and pheasant prints in the basement.  The animal frames match the oak trim in the basement much better than the white trim upstairs. It was logical. The stuffed pheasant hangs out in the basement too. What can I say, he needed a manly space.

Minimalist style barn wood clock

Minimalist style barn wood clock

Mr. R&R got annoyed that the DirectTV boxes don’t have a clock and he never knew how long he had been down there. Oh no, wait a second, that was me. Either way, Mr. R&R’s solution was to create a clock using a reclaimed small barn door. I love it! The barn door clock is practical and blends with his wild game décor.

Childhood red toy barn- perfect to showcase grown-up toys

Childhood red toy barn- perfect to showcase grown-up toys

When Mr. R&R visited his great-grandparents’ farm a few months ago, he discovered his childhood red toy barn. The barn roof opens on one-side to access the hayloft. There are even doors on both sides of the barn to drive a tractor straight through.  I washed off the years of accumulated dirt and touched up the red paint. He smiled like a little kid the day he put the toy barn in the basement. His toy combine and grain cart are on display. I think Rose is storing Barbie’s horse in the barn too.

Seed sack pillows are manly toss pillows

Seed sack pillows are manly toss pillows

I try to resist decorating his spaces, but sometimes I can’t help myself. The cigar room was a huge project and after that I knew I needed to keep my “man space” decorating in check.  Then came Junkstock. I had been dreaming of the Homegrown Junk seed sack pillows since last fall. (I may need to join “toss pillows anonymous”.) The pillows are a perfect accompaniment to the other décor that he added to the basement. How could I say no?  I strongly recommend getting your own seed sack pillows at Homegrown Junk’s Dirt Road Dust and Rust Days event later this summer.

Mr. R&R is not a designer, neither am I, but he is figuring out this “rustic” décor thing quite well. You should see his collection of old levels, saw blades, and wooden cheese boxes.


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