The Key to Happiness is Organization!

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Former “Organization”

Mr. Keto and I have a serious problem when it comes to lists for the grocery store and managing our calendar. We used to write out our list on a piece of paper or the back of an envelope but more often than not the list was misplaced or thrown away, OOPS! And then of course there is the dreaded he-said, she-said argument of “I told you we had such and such going on”. So a-Pinteresting I went! I was looking for a tasteful piece that was useful but that I could also display. I found an organizational chart that was in a frame that met my “pretty” criteria.

Our Find!

Our Find!

We went to Goodwill (mine and Mrs. Rae and Rose’s favorite place for a good find!) and low and behold we found a plethora of beautiful frames that were discarded, most likely due to the out-of-date pictures. We bought one for $10.00 and got to work.

Some of the stash

Some of the stash

We removed the picture and I went hunting in my stash of fabric. I quilt and so I always have a ton of fabric to choose from. I used a beautiful print that was muted so that it would allow for the bold marker to stand out. I then cleaned the heck out of the frame and glass and set it aside. We took the mat that came with the frame and wrapped it in the fabric using tape to adhere it – I am a fan of being able to change the fabric out if I so choose!

My paint obsession!

My paint obsession!

I had some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White” and wax left over from a table that we had redone. My obsession with this paint will be apparent in future posts. It covers EVERYTHING and is thick so usually one coat will do the job! I painted the frame and let it dry overnight. The next morning I couldn’t wait to get back at it and woke up at 5am to distress the frame by hand with a fine grit sand paper and then wiped the dust off with a wet cloth. Then the magic happens! To seal the paint we used the wax. It darkens the parts that are distressed but keeps the paint color true. It was gorgeous!!


Final Product

We then let it cure that day and then Mr. Keto came up with another solution to one of our many problems by screwing two hooks into the frame to hold our keys! We put everything together and the beautiful organization chart hangs on our pantry next to our garage. We use simple Expo Markers to notate our grocery list, menu, and any upcoming dates. Since the keys are there as well, we look at it often! Then when we are ready to go to the store, we take a quick picture of the list and we are on our way. It has been a great addition to our kitchen and we love the outcome!


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