Cigar Room Reveal for Father’s Day

Facelift, Paint

When house hunting last summer, I fell in love with my kitchen and was sold once I saw the walk-thru pantry. Mr. R&R liked the garage and the basement and was sold when he saw the secret room in the back corner of the basement: the cigar room. The builder had designed this room for yard tool storage accessible from both the basement and backyard. The previous owner had decided that a cigar room was more enjoyable than having extra storage space for a snow blower in the summer.

Urinal and Sink- Before and After

Urinal and Sink- Before and After

The cigar room is more than just a corner room in a basement to smoke cigars and enjoy a Scotch. This room is Mr. R&R’s private retreat (there is a sign that says “no girls allowed”). The room had been modified with a vent to push cigar smoke outside and here’s the best part—the room includes a urinal and sink. That’s right, Mr. R&R doesn’t have to leave the room.

All that being said, the original colors and finish of the cigar room were less than desirable. I previously told you about the horrendous electrical panel cover. The walls were covered in paneling, which is practical for cigar smoke, but the slick faux wood upper and red faux brick lower portion left much to be desired. Mr. R&R liked the room, but his friends and I thought the room felt “dingy”. I am not okay having a dingy room in my house.

Before and After

Before and After

I will spare you the yucky details of the paint transformation process, but I will share some lessons learned.

  • Faux wood paneling- Sand it, sand it, sand it. Similar to veneer furniture, the slick surface on paneling needs to be removed to allow paint to adhere. Spend the time to prime the sanded panel before applying paint.
  • Faux brick paneling- This was a breeze. The texture was quite accepting of paint. Use a longer nap roller to fill in the “grout” line while painting the brick. It will save time and you will thank me.

    Painting in Progress

    Painting in Progress

  • Concrete floor- Since the floor was previously painted, I applied primer and paint. In hindsight, I should I have used a masonry paint on the floor to allow for more contracting and expanding of the actual concrete. I also would have waited 24 hours, not 12 hours in between coats.
The black wall remained-- it was meant to hold the Grain Belt Beer sign

The black wall remained– it was meant to hold the Grain Belt Beer sign

The cigar room still needs a few touch-ups, but Mr. R&R is pleased with the new refreshing, colors. I may even serve him Scotch and a cigar for a special Father’s Day treat.

Happy Father’s Day!


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