Meet Rae and Rose

Black Walnut, DIY, Facelift, Woodworking

Rae and Rose was simply a dream years ago, but I am so pleased that it is now a reality. Friends continually commented on my unique decorating design (or maybe that was a nice way of saying it was odd?)  and asked “how did you do that”. I decided to blog about my adventures in creating “rustic and refined” home décor. Some projects are created for my home and some projects are created to help spread  “rustic and refined” style to others.

The cast of characters:

Mrs. Rae & Rose: I am the primary blog author, project creator, and photographer. My philosophy when selecting décor for the house is “if you like, go with it”. Favorite project to-date: The paisley stenciled coffee and end table. Designing and applying the paisley stencil was a labor of love, but the outcome was breathtaking.

Childhood red toy barn- perfect to showcase grown-up toys

Childhood red toy barn- perfect to showcase grown-up toys

Mr. R&R: My husband doesn’t know boo about a hot glue gun, but then again I don’t understand how a kreg-jig works. He takes pride in his beautiful woodworking creations. He is meticulous when sanding projects- they are always so smooth! His support of R&R shines through when goes to garage sales to find me potential projects. Favorite project to-date: Rustic Man Basement because it showcases his red toy barn.

Rae: I have a teenager! Rae is skilled with the Silhouette and offers support when I get stumped. She is my photo-assistant when it is time to stage photos (she automatically opens the blinds for natural light). Favorite project to-date: Bench for wedding guests to sign

New dressing stool

New dressing stool

Rose: My sweet little girl provides constructive feedback and project ideas. I am constantly amazed by her creativity. She saw a cabinet door resting on a wood stump and said “Mom, you should attach them and make a table”. Umm, yes. Yes, I should. Favorite project to-date: Reupholstered stool. The stool lives in my closet because she begged me not to sell it.

Mrs. Keto: This guest blogger is my crafter in crime. We share a private Pinterest board to secretly share our crafting ideas. Mrs. Keto’s best words of wisdom “there are no crafting mistakes, simply opportunities to improvise”.

Bearded Barry: I have the best little brother. He provides me honest feedback and fills in as a guest blogger.

Black and white refinished tables

Black and white refinished tables

Fanny: My best friend doesn’t craft, but she supports me 100%. My life goal is to make her a crafter. She is my cheerleader. Favorite project to-date: Black and white coffee and end tables

Goodie: A great friend is a great listener and Goodie listens to my random thoughts about every project before I create it. Favorite project to-date: Painted milk cans because “favorite because it was the first project… and look how much you’ve learned since then.” Aww, that is why I love her.

Black walnut sofa table

Black walnut sofa table

Polly Lolly: Much like Fanny, Polly Lolly is afraid to craft but she knows her way around Pinterest. Her style is exquisite and I look forward to receiving pins from her. Favorite project to-date: Black walnut sofa table

Blog Editor: My mom works hard to make me look good. She proofreads all of my blog entries (she even reads Mrs. Keto’s posts). I couldn’t do this without her love and support. Favorite project to-date: Childrens dressers: Yoda quote and lace stenciled.

What is your favorite project? Comment and let me know.


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