Wine Bottle Photo Frames

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Long Lake, MN The photo for my bottle.

Long Lake, MN
The photo for my bottle.

Have a great holiday weekend! I’m already at the cabin to celebrate America’s birthday.

My friends know me well and constantly send me pins for inspiration. After a night of casual drinks with friends, Mrs. Keto sent me a pin to use an empty wine bottle to display a photo.  For the record, she helped finished the bottle too. I didn’t want the empty bottle to go to waste, so I had no option but to create my own wine bottle photo display.
My BFF Fanny is not a “crafty” person. I was blessed to have her all to myself for a whole weekend and I used the opportunity to make her craft with me. The wine bottle project didn’t involve a glue gun and she was looking for excuses to avoid completing her grad school homework, so….she became a crafter!

Photo rolled up to insert in bottle

Photo rolled up to insert in bottle

The original pin used sand and small shells in the bottom of the bottle and a seashell attached to the cork. I haven’t lived at the beach in over 15 years (man, I’m getting old), so that part didn’t jive with me. Wood shavings and sticks, on the other hand, are right up my alley. The picture I selected is a view of Long Lake in Minnesota, the backdrop of my wedding ceremony with Mr. R&R. I ignored the direction to print the picture on regular paper, not photo paper. Once the photo was rolled up to fit in the bottle, Fanny had a heck of a time unrolling it.  She used long wooden kabob skewers to try rolling it. The next hurdle in our custom bottle is that wood shavings are not as heavy as sand to hold a photo in place. Fanny has the genius idea to remove the wood shavings and add popcorn kernels to add weight to unroll the photo.

Wood shavings for bottle filler

Wood shavings for bottle filler

Fanny went back to homework and I did yardwork while we crossed our fingers and waited for the popcorn kernels to work their magic. Patience and ingenuity paid off. Fanny removed the kernels and replaced them with the wood shavings. Since I was cutting up sticks in the yard, I cut a piece hoping it fit the wine bottle opening. It was the perfect size!

The finished product!

The finished product!

As Fanny would say, the project and our afternoon together were “fantastic”.


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