Ikea Barstool Facelift

Facelift, Spray Paint

Did you read about Mr. R&R’s new shipping crate bar in the basement?  If not, stop what you are doing and take a look.  I’ll wait…………Isn’t the bar amazing!?!  A bar is only as good as its barstools and that was my responsibility.

Original barstool

Original barstool

Nearly ten years ago, I purchased three Ikea Agne barstools. I must be a rockstar at assembling Ikea furniture because they still work and look great. Ikea doesn’t make Agne anymore (insert sad face). With the help of Rae and Rose, I found four new-to-us barstools that better fit the kitchen island shape and allocated the Ikea barstools to the basement bar. My job was done.

Lightly sanded before painting

Lightly sanded before painting

Not really. The Agne barstools have black iron legs and a wooden seat, but the seat didn’t match the weathered bar.  My solution was to paint the seat. I selected a red seat, not because Mr. R&R is a Husker fan (go Gophers!), but to match the toy red barn in the basement. Red is a classic rustic and refined color.

I roughly sanded the seat, applied red spray paint and then realized it had a glossy finish. Oops, not very manly. Gently sanding the red spray paint removed the gloss. Then I topped it off with a spray poly. Re-attaching each wooden wedge to the stool was more tedious than all of my previous Ikea furniture assembly combined.

New bar and "new" barstools.  A winning combination.

New bar and “new” barstools. A winning combination.

The barstools passed the test of the first college football weekend.  Here’s to many more football games sitting on these stools at the bar.


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