Little Red Wagon

Junkstock, Silhouette

Rose is my sweet baby girl who is shy and quiet to people outside her inner circle. Close friends and family know that she is witty, hilarious, and sassy. Last October, she received a Miranda Lambert album and immediately learned every word to every song. “Little Red Wagon” became her instant favorite and Rose’s self-produced lip-sync video makes me cry from laughter. Her sassy performance attitude is captivating. It was a no-brainer that I had to purchase the little red wagon shelf from Lineville Letterpress at Junkstock.

Rose’s bedroom is decorated in purple (her favorite color) with black and gray accents. The wagon shelf didn’t feel “right” in that bedroom, so I turned my attention to her neutral colored bathroom. The wagon shelf included a towel bar and it seemed logical to remove the existing towel bar to add something more fun. I was still a little nervous about how the wagon would blend with the rose décor in the bathroom.

LIttle Red Wagon from Lineville Letterpress

LIttle Red Wagon from Lineville Letterpress

Since the wagon is more on the rustic side, I wanted to add lyrics from “Little Red Wagon” in a floating black frame to add more refinement. I located the lyrics online and right there in the first verse I knew how it would all tie together. “I’ll be Johnny and you’ll be June, I’ll ride with you to the moon.” Rose is named after the Johnny Cash song “Rose of My Heart”. A framed Johnny Cash album, that includes song titles on the front cover, hangs in the bathroom along with the other rose accents. Synergy. I love it.

"Little Red Wagon" lyrics in a floating frame

“Little Red Wagon” lyrics in a floating frame

I printed the lyrics on white vinyl and affixed them to the glass of the floating frame. The black frame is clean and crisp and serves as a lovely complement to the black piping of the towel bar. It didn’t hurt that her shower curtain is black and white and I already had white towels. This whole thing was meant to be.

How have you incorporated your Junkstock finds into your home?

Miranda-inspired shelf and quote

Miranda-inspired shelf and quote


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