Dresser Facelift for a Teenager

Facelift, Paint

I can hardly believe that Rae is almost 13! I still see her as my innocent beautiful little girl with ringlets riding her tricycle. The ringlets are gone and her legs are way too long for a tricycle which means it is also time to say goodbye to the Disney Princess dresser. Rae’s dresser was the first piece of furniture I ever painted and it is bittersweet to be painting it again.

Dresser Before

Dresser Before

The year was 2006 and we had just purchased our first home. Rae was not into pink, and still isn’t, so I picked out bedding with blue and lime green accents. I painted two accent walls a light blue to match the bedding. Her grandma gave us a beautiful sturdy dresser that was in need of a pick-me-up. I was young and inexperienced in the world of furniture painting and design (thank goodness for Pinterest) so I simply painted the drawers using the same blue wall paint.  The drawers didn’t have brush strokes, but the paint was bumpy and never smooth.  To add a girly element to her room, I added Disney Princess knobs to the dresser.

Fast forward. Rae’s room in the new house is gray with black, white, and turquoise accents. The blue dresser drawers and Disney Princess knobs clearly do not match. After a year of kind requests from her for it to be repainted, I finally took the plunge.

Dresser after with accent knobs on top drawer

Dresser after with accent knobs on top drawer

I used the orbital sander to remove all the blue paint, and original varnish, from the drawers. I also lightly sanded the top and sides of the dresser to create a better surface for the paint to adhere. I applied one coat of primer since I had bare wood on the drawers and I wanted to ensure a smooth paint application.  I played the mom card and painted the dresser black (3 coats to be exact), not turquoise. The crisp black matches the desk in her room and will be “in style” for years to come (i.e. when she moves out). I did indulge her love of turquoise by adding knobs of that color. To spice things up, I purchased a different set of knobs for the top drawer than the remaining drawers.

In the end, I am happy to see the blue paint and princess knobs removed. I’m older and wiser as is Rae. I am so proud that my baby is growing up and now has a dresser fit for a teenager, not a toddler.

Rae's "new" dresser

Rae’s “new” dresser


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