Polka-Dot Initial Mugs

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Apply the sticker to a basic white mug

The crafting bug bit Fanny and she presented me with a Pinterest project she wanted to create. Fanny decided we were going to make polka-dot initial mugs for each of her employees. I am always game to try a new Pinterest project.



Use oil based paint pens to decorate the mugs


  • Ceramic Mug (Fanny purchased these white mugs at Dollar Tree)
  • Sharpie oil-based paint pens
  • Initial stickers (I used my Silhouette to cut the necessary initials on Oracal 631 removable vinyl. If using regular stickers, Michaels suggests first placing the stickers on a piece of fabric to make them removable from the mug.)



Decorating the first mug

Time to Decorate:

  1. Place initial sticker on mug
  2. Press the pen on the mug to create dots. The tighter the placement of dots, the more the letter will be defined
  3. Use additional colors to add more dots
  4. Allow the paint to dry for about a minute before removing the sticker
  5. Bake the mugs to make the paint dishwasher safe. General consensus on Al Gore’s Internet is to place the mugs in the oven, warm it to 350, bake for 35 minutes once the oven is heated, then let cool in the oven. Note: The paint color will slightly lighten after baking.
  6. Enjoy!



Bake at 350 for 35 minutes

The little kids had a blast decorating the extra mugs. It is beautiful to see 1st graders exercise their creative spirit. When will they be old enough to learn how to use the sander?




A one-of-a-kind Rose creation


Black Walnut Signs

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Quick post tonight…my mind is slightly pre-occupied by family, work, and a little thing called a craft fair in November (what if we don’t have enough product to fill our booth? what if no one wants to buy anything?)

Last weekend, Mrs. Keto and Goodie stopped by for “girls crafting time”. While they worked on their projects and the little girls played, I stenciled on scraps of black walnut. I sanded each piece and applied Danish oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. I used the Silhouette to create a custom stencil for each piece of wood.

I can’t decide which is my favorite!

For Unto Us a Child is Born

For Unto Us a Child is Born



Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

10 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin without Carving

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It is now pumpkin season! See that, it’s October 1st. October is pumpkin season. My family will soon be decorating our pumpkins.

Here is my list from the Interwebs of the best ways decorate your pumpkins this October (without carving):

  1. Glittered pumpkins by HGTV

    Glittered pumpkins by HGTV

    Glittered Pumpkins- If you have little girls, you already have glitter all over your house. Why not add some to your pumpkins? A girl can never have too much glitter.

  2. Duck Tape– Seriously? Is there anything that can’t be done with Duck Tape?
  3. Monogramed Pumpkin– Classy. I love it.
  4. Pumpkin by crafty morning.com

    Melted Crayon Pumpkin by craftymorning.com

    Melted Crayons– I think melted crayons on canvas are so beautiful (I’m a simple girl at heart); melted crayons on a pumpkin…even cooler!

  5. Decoupage– I was sold as soon as I saw Mod Podge as a required material.
  6. Gold! – Oh yeah. How can you go wrong with a gold pumpkin? This would be gorgeous on a table top with assorted shapes and sizes of those silly little decorative gourds.
  7. Pumpkin by unoriginal mom.com

    Glitter Monogram Pumpkin by unoriginal mom.com

    Glitter and a Monogram– I think I’m in love.

  8. Chalk Paint Pumpkins– These pumpkins exude rustic elegance.
  9. Boo-tiful Button Pumpkin – I am in awe of the creativity that some people possess. Buttons glued on a pumpkin to spell “Boo”. Genius.
  10. Choose your own adventure. Follow these simple steps to prep your pumpkin prior to painting. Our family followed these steps last year and had a blast. We painted the pumpkins white and black for a the base and used assorted metallic tones for details. I tied burlap and glitter ribbons on half of the pumpkins for a little extra pizazz.

So many amazing options! I can’t decide which one to choose this year.

Chalk Paint Pumpkins by percfectlyimperfectblog.com

Chalk Paint Pumpkins by percfectlyimperfectblog.com

Pumpkin by

Monogram Pumpkin by radiobutlers.blogspot.com

Pumpkin by bhg.com

Button-Boo Pumpkin by bhg.com

Fall Porch Decorations

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New rug, pillows, and end table

New rug, pillows, and end table

No, it’s not decorative gourd season. It is time to remove my spring/summer blue decorations from the front porch and replace them with fall colors (reds, oranges, and yellows). Decorative gourds and pumpkins will not, and should not, make an appearance until October. Those are the rules. The same date applies to pumpkin spice lattes.

Black walnut stump table

Black walnut stump table

I focus on two areas of my porch when decorating: the sitting area and around the front door. The sitting area was a breeze to switch over for fall. Rae and I went to At Home and found a neutral colored outdoor rug for $50. Rae selected a burnt-red moroccan print outdoor pillow for the. I swapped the navy blue end table for a custom black walnut tree stump. Mr. R&R removed the top from an old outdoor end table and mounted it to the tree stump, per Rose’s suggestion. I accented the table with a yellow mason jar and silk flowers from Michael’s (don’t judge me… I’m allowed to cheat on crafts sometimes).

I love fresh flowers!

Mr. R&R said that the area around the front porch looks better now than it did this summer. I think he is a fan of the antique wooden box containing two large pots of multi-colored mums (I must remember to water them).  Actually, his favorite part is probably the “welcome” sign I painted on a scrap piece of rough cut black walnut. Painting the “welcome” is an easy project and adds such personality to your front door.

  1.  Select a long piece of scrap wood (visit Habitat ReStore or a fencing company for reclaimed wood)IMG_3195
  2. Place your stencil letters on the wood—Letter stencils can be purchased at craft or school supply store. Letter stencils can also be cut with a Silhouette.
  3. Secure the stencils in place with spray adhesive (I did this) or painters tape

    Move the paint to the middle of the design

    Move the paint to the middle of the design

  4. Use a foam brush and acrylic to fill-in the stencil. Move the brush from the stencil into the area to be painted- this creates clean lines and prevents paint from leaking under the stencil
  5. Let dry and remove the stencil

My porch is now ready for the first day of fall on September 23rd. Pumpkins will complete the fall look, after October 1st, of course.



Chicken Wire Frames

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Use a staple gun to affix the chicken wire to the back of the frame

Use a staple gun to affix the chicken wire to the back of the frame

Every Christmas, I say I am going to get my dad a sign that says “I was a nerd before being a nerd was cool”. I really must add this to my to-do list. With that same thought in mind, Goodie was making chicken wire frames before making chicken wire frames was cool. Mrs. Keto and I wanted to be cool too.

Frames painted with the wire attached

Frames painted with the wire attached

I gathered a few open frames and painted them in random colors based on extra paint in my garage. Goodie provided us with a huge roll of chicken wire to begin stapling the wire to the backs of the frames. Mrs. Keto and I spent a lovely evening outside stapling away and trimming the wire edges.

Ribbon glued to the back of frame to prevent wire from scratching a wall

Ribbon glued to the back of frame to prevent wire from scratching a wall

Once the wire was stapled to the frames, the real fun started. Mrs. Keto and I busted out our craft supplies to accessory the frames.  Step one was gluing ribbon to the back of the frames to prevent the wire from scratching the wall while the frame is hanging.  We immediately had visions of how to decorate the front each frame. Two frames will be accented with metallics to hold Christmas cards. The burgundy frame with black floral accents and black lace behind the wire is a sexy boudoir jewelry holder. My favorite though is the terra cotta frame with pheasant feather accents. The frame is organic and classy at the same time. I love it!

These frames are ready for some clothes pins and photos!

Chicken wire frames all dresses up

Chicken wire frames all dressed up

4th of July Door Hanger

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Staple burlap to create a loop for hanging

Staple burlap to create a loop for hanging

My mother has taught me so much over the years: how to bathe a newborn, how to bake, the beauty of over-lighting a Christmas tree, and the importance of hanging a wreath for the season. Most people can get into the spirit of having a wreath for the 4 seasons of the year, but my mom has a different definition of season. “Valentine’s Day” is a season deserving its own wreath. The same goes for St. Patrick’s Day. I counted her wreaths during my last visit and I believe she can switch out wreaths every two weeks without duplication for the year. I am on my way. My latest new seasonal door hanger is for the 4th of July.

Randomly bunched lace

Randomly bunched lace

I am less of traditionalist than my mother when it comes to door wreaths. I don’t feel the need to add silk flowers to all wreaths. I think it is okay for the grapevine wreath base to be exposed. And sometimes when I feel sassy, like this summer, I didn’t even use a round wreath but an old picture frame instead. Scandalous.

Dollar Tree decoration placed on the frame corner with hot glue

Dollar Tree decoration placed on the frame corner with hot glue

I reframed a horse picture in Rae’s room and as I looked at the old frame I realized that I could make something with that. I headed to the garage and sprayed the frame blue. (I am starting to gather quite the rainbow of spray paint colors). I used a blue base for my door hanger since my front door is red. Next, I ran to Dollar Tree to find a few patriotic decorations to glue on my frame. I purchased a ring with dangling jingle bells and a red glitter star.

Don't forget to glue on the stars

Don’t forget to glue on the stars

My mother also taught me the importance of having craft supplies on hand for when the mood strikes you. I rummaged through my supplies and found lace ribbon and also red chevron burlap. I stapled the burlap to the back of the frame to make a loop for hanging the frame. I bunched up the lace and used the hot glue gun to affix the lace to the upper left hand corner. I placed the ring with bells over that same corner and glued away. I glued the red glitter stars in the opposite lower corner. I felt the white lace and jingle bells hanging down looked lonely and a little too “90’s style country” so I added long pieces of the red chevron burlap behind the lace for a more modern rustic feel.  (FYI-I love burlap.)

My favorite part of my 4th of July door hanger is that it cost me just $2, plus that stinkin’ sales tax. With prices like this, I can afford to switch out a wreath every two weeks.

Truth be told, my favorite wreaths are the ones that my mom makes for me. Love you Mom.

God Bless America!

God Bless America!