Making Valentines for my Little Love

DIY, Silhouette

Valentine’s Day is one week away. Has the day been over commercialized by Hallmark, florists, and jewelry stores? Yes. Do I still celebrate? Yes.



Cutting the yardstick to create a negative image.

Rose is at a delightful age where she is thrilled to share Valentines with her classmates. I want her to share Valentines that are unique as her personality. I went to my trusty Silhouette and downloaded Valentine card designs. The card is the negative of the cut image. I then cut a slighter larger rectangle in a complimentary color to serve as the backing to the image.


24 Valentines done!

The cards are so simple in design that Rose could easier glue the pieces together herself, but she spent the snow days outside leaving me to glue the cards. Rose did sign the cards and tape cute little Valentine erasers to the back of each card. Why no candy? Because I was already at the dollar store over lunch and I was not in the mood to hit up Target as well.

Rose’s custom Valentine box

 Rose likes the Valentine cards that I made, but she is more excited about the shoebox to collect other Valentines. She hounded me for a week to produce a shoebox that she could decorate. Back in the day, Rae was content using the same decorated box all through elementary school. Rose wants a box that expresses her feelings at the moment. A little bit (or a lot) of acrylic paint later, Rose has a beautifully unique painted shoebox.

If you don’t have your Valentines ready yet, get to it!


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