My Life as a Mom


Rose asked me today “are you still doing that Rae and Rose blog thing? Is it because you’ve been busy being a mom?” She gets me. She really gets me. Since the Christmas holiday started, I have focused on my biological children and husband, not my blog baby. I do love my blog baby, but I really love being a mom.

My reasons for not crafting and blogging:

  • Cooking: I love cooking. Ever since I received my first microwave cookbook, I have enjoyed cooking for friends and family. My current love is the new Pioneer Woman cookbook. The recipes are incredible! The orange chicken is delish. The risotto as well. Who am I kidding…everything I have made has been a huge hit with the family. For the record, the Williams Sonoma chocolate peppermint cake is
  • Minor Injuries: I’m not a nurse. I’m not a fan of blood either. None of that matters when an earring rips open your child’s earlobe. You’re welcome for not posting pictures. Rose’s ear was repaired today and all is well. My heart was broken when the nurse said I needed say in the waiting room during the procedure. I was told that she teared up while the Novocain was administered, but Rose continues to deny that. I have a picture of her stitched up ear, but I will spare you that photo too.
  • Taxi Service: Kids’ schedules are exhausting. I’m not sure how, but last week I successfully took both girls to the eye doctor, ordered new frames (Rae tried on every single pair!), picked up the dry cleaning, gave Mr. R&R a kiss, and still made it to Wednesday night church activities on time. Mom win. I’m not mentally prepared to escort Rae to the high school open house this evening. How long can I legally keep her in middle school? Tomorrow’s goal is to fix my broken tooth, take Rae to her monthly orthodontist appointment, and pick up Rose by 5:30. Sadly, the days are just as crazy when Mr. R&R is in town.

I’m not making excuses, just reflecting on my life as a wife and mother. My super awesome life.


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