DIY Ornament Wreath


$1 packages of ornaments from Dollar Tree

The crafty apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in my family. My mom cross-stitched all of our Christmas ornaments when we were young and even latched-hooked a tree skit.  My sister, also known as The Sister, is now creating Christmas decorations too.

The Sister found the idea for an ornament wreath on a budget, and video instructions, from AJ’s Craft Room.


  • 50-80 assorted sizes of ornament balls (The Sister purchased 15-ct small, three 12-ct medium, and two 5-ct large from Dollar Tree for $5)
  • Metal hanger (Dry cleaners give these away- freebie alert!)
  • Large ribbon



  1. Shape the hanger into a large circle
  2. Unhook the metal
  3. Thread the all the ornaments onto the hanger
  4. Re-hook the hanger
  5. Use the ribbon to make a bow (probably the most difficult step for me)


IMG_3744Additional Tips from the Sister

  • Purchase higher quality ornaments at thrift stores, garage sales, and day-after Christmas sales
  • Ornaments from Dollar Tree are affordable, but …well…hmm….you get what you pay for
  • Look for a combination of shiny, matte, and glitter (that’s right, The Sister likes glitter!) finishes to add more dimension
  • Plastic ornaments won’t break mid-project….arrgghh
  • Use leftover ribbon from decorating your Christmas to create cohesion in your decorations
  • Try other ornament colors for your favorite holiday.  The Sister is dreaming of green ornaments with a shamrock ribbon for St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy crafting!


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