Let it Snow!


When we set out into this journey to complete a craft fair with R&R we knew it would be fun, rewarding and quite the learning experience. We got everything that we came for as we had a blast and learned tons.

One of the things that we learned was that we should have had more snowflakes made!! Rae & Rose prides itself on being rustic and refined, designs that are one of a kind so we thought we should make unique items that people could say they bought from us knowing that it would be the only one. The challenge to this is that we didn’t expect the overwhelming request for more!


There were a few items that people couldn’t get enough of: Nebraska Plaque, Butcher Blocks, and the snowflake.

Mr. Keto was the creative mind and carpenter when it came to the snowflake. He is known to be quite the tinkerer and I would have it no other way – my house is filled with his creations!!

He picks up fencing from various locations and plays with cuts until he gets his desired look. This look required 30 degree cuts of the fencing, specifically using the pickets of the fencing to create a snowflake.

Many of you asked about it after it was gone and now Mr. Keto has made another at the request of Debby, who had bought the one and only. Debby proudly displays her snowflake on her door and I think it makes for a wonderful addition to their home.


Thank you Debby for supporting Rae & Rose and thank you St. John Vianney for hosting a wonderful craft fair!


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