Thanksgiving Table Setting


Assorted colors of Longaberger dishes waiting for napkins

Reality hit me this past weekend that I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner in two weeks. Most people would be worrying about what to serve on the menu, but that part is a breeze for me. Thanksgiving dinner always consists of turkey, homemade egg noodles, the best green bean casserolepumpkin pie squares, mashed potatoes, and a dressing recipe that is yet to be determined (the green beans and pumpkin pie square recipes are from my Grandma- I highly recommend them).  Equally important as the food is the table setting. 

Double wedding ring quilted table runner

This summer, my mother-in-law quilted a neutral-colored double wedding ring table runner with matching placements. The neutral color is a perfect compliment to my bold Longaberger dishes. The runner has been the centerpiece of the dining room table all fall, so it only seems appropriate to keep it on the table for Thanksgiving (especially since my mother-in-law will be visiting).  I’m making progress.

Acorns from Hot Skwash by Daria

Table runners are a lovely addition to a table, but that single item alone does not dress a table. While in Sedona over the weekend, I saw acorns from Hot Skywash by Daria. The “silk-velvet acorns topped with real acorn caps” are the cutest little things. The matching pumpkins were like nothing I had ever seen before. I blame my sister for her “oohhhing” and “aahhhing” because I felt compelled to purchase 5 little acorns to adorn a little dish on my dining room table. If only I could have justified a pumpkin purchase. 

The table setting will be charming and the meal will be fantastic. I should probably go purchase that turkey. 

1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


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