Prepping for Our First Craft Show

Craft Show, DIY

The official countdown has begun for Rae and Rose’s craft fair debut. November 21st is right around the corner. I’m more and more nervous as the day draws near. I’ve been researching “preparing a craft show booth” to make sure I am fully prepared.

Bi-fold closet doors to define the booth space

Display: I purchased bi-fold closet doors from Habitat Restore to define our booth space. The doors have been painted cream and include the R&R logo. The back “wall” of the booth will have fabric in between the doors. I am excited about the atmosphere created by the contrast of straight lined doors against the flowing fabric.

Set-Up: Our entire inventory will attend the show. I intend to stack and display smaller items on top of larger items to 1) allow for more floor space and 2) draw the eyes up. To protect finished surfaces and to make the space more visually appealing, I have purchased remnant scraps of fabric to use as table runners and drapes.

Small portable cart for our “register”. Stain will be applied to the base and black chalkboard paint to the top.

Point of Sale: Our Square credit card reader has arrived and I have already uploaded our inventory list. The inventory tracker is sweet- I can use it for cash and credit sales and it is programmed to calculate the local sales tax (yup- Rae and Rose went legit). Etsy seller Fullofcraft advises craft fair vendors wear a fanny pack instead of using cash box that someone can easily steal. Smart. We have a small stand to represent our “register”. Added bonus- the portable stand includes a bottom shelf that can store packaging materials (I should probably acquire said packaging materials)

Am I ready? Only time will tell. This craft fair will be a learning experience and learning is good for the mind.

My assigned reading:

What to Bring to a Craft Fair written by The “Craft Fairs… It’s a Living” Etsy team

Craft Show Series by Silhouette School

Craft Fair Tips From a First-Timer by Jenny Bartoy


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