Washing the Washing Machine

Cleaning, DIY

A co-worker is having a new washing machine delivered tomorrow and she bragged about the self-cleaning feature. I was perplexed. Umm, why does a washing machine need to be washed? She was kind enough to inform me that I should be cleaning my washing machine a few times a year. What?!? How did I not know this?

I was in denial. I even googled washing machine manufacturer instructions to see if it was true. (Yes, I thought the cleaning of a washing machine was a conspiracy by the fine folks at Tide to get more money out of me.) LG recommends cleaning a wash tub monthly. Monthly! I’ve been using this washing machine for 1 ½ years and I haven’t washed it. I felt dirty.

Why you need to wash your washing machine according to DIYNatural.com

“Why” to clean your washing machine according to DIYNatural.com

Okay, I need to clean it, but why? DIY Natural.com did a fantastic job of explaining the why. The site goes a step further and provides simple, easy to follow instructions for a natural cleaner using vinegar and baking soda. I don’t have time for that. I need it to be clean now! Target to the rescue; I purchased Tide Washing Machine Cleaner (Amazon Prime has it for less).

After a normal cycle with hot water and the Tide pouch, my washing machine is finally clean. The final instruction is to leave the washing machine door/lid open after each use. Whew, at least I already do that.

Oh yeah, according to Bob Vila, the dishwasher needs to be cleaned monthly too. Crap.


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