Junkstock- Harvest Edition

Junkstock, Reclaimed

The reviews are in; Junkstock was once again a huge hit. With much regret and sadness, I was unable to attend my favorite event of “peace, love, music, and junk.” My busy work schedule did not deter Mr. R&R from visiting Junkstock on his own (he seriously loves it!).  He has an amazing eye for rustic and refined “junk”.

Industrial thread spools

Industrial thread spools

Industrial thread spools– Mr. R&R texted me a picture of these and said “want some?”. Yes, please. Each spool is 9 inches tall with assorted colors of peeling paint yet they still have the sticker identifying the type of thread (how cool is that!?!). I believe these spools will be unique rustic candle holders on the center of a dining room table.

Sewing machine base to make an accent table

Sewing machine base to make an accent table

Singer Sewing Machine Base– I have wanted a Singer sewing machine base for years. Mr. R&R purchased the most beautiful one I have ever seen. The foot pedal still works! The only decision yet to be made is the type of wood to use to create a top. Live edge black walnut? This sewing machine table is going to be a stunning accent table when complete.

Boys and their toys

Boys and their toys

Artillery Shell Dummy and Box– I’m honestly speechless about this one. When I received the text of his “great find”, I was confused as to why he was so excited.  The shell was a dummy used for military practice with markings on the corresponding wooden box. I showed the picture to my co-worker who was immediately as excited as Mr. R&R about the find. Clearly, I was wrong and this was a glorious junk find.  Mr. R&R is still pondering where in the house to display this piece.

I would love to give a shout-out to the vendors who sold the amazing products above, but Mr. R&R didn’t keep track of any vendor names. “I bought the spools over by the big tent with the cool tables made out of metal”. Yay, I can’t really use that to tag or find the vendor on Facebook.  Either way, THANK YOU toJunkstock and Junkstock Vendors across the country. I can’t wait to see you in June.


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