Weston, MO: A rustic and refined get-away

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Mr. R&R and I had a little get-away over the weekend and I am so excited to share our experience. We visited Weston, MO, a historic little town just north of Kansas City. The restaurants, bars, and shops have personality that I have never before seen bundled together in one town.

Food and Drinks

  • Pirtle Winery– The winery is located in a church built in 1867 (Didn’t I tell you the town had personality). The grapes are grown locally and clearly we enjoyed the wines because we walked out with 6 bottles.
  • The Vineyards Restaurant– I enjoyed the Raspberry Mead from Pirtle while Mr. R&R was introduced to the Hard Root Beer brewed next door at the Weston Brewing Company. Let’s not forget the food: “A pair of Apple Cider Brined Pork Cheeks, finished in the oven with smoky spices & a savory ham Jus. Served over Bourbon Sweet Mashed Potatoes” and I enjoyed the “Smokey grilled Rack of Lamb finished with a drizzle of Blackberry & Thyme Reduction. Served atop Creamy Parmesan Polenta.” Seriously, go there now.
  • O’Malley’s– I was so confused when I saw the tiny building that hosted the pub. Really, how are people going to fit in there? Well, the first floor only has restrooms. Patrons walk downstairs and through a domed brick walkway into the first bar area. The bottom bar is a limestone cellar fifty-five feet below ground with a live Irish band. It was an unbelievable experience.


  • We stayed at the Inn as Weston Landing, our first Bed & Breakfast experience. The Trevor Chadwick Room was filled with beautiful antiques and chocolates on our pillows. The Inn also includes complimentary snacks and candy in the room along with soda, coffee, and fresh baked goods in the Parlor all day long. Chef Kenna prepared a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones with lemon curd, French toast with whipped cream cheese and berries, and even scrambled eggs and bacon. Let’s not forget the freshly squeezed orange juice.


  • Metal work by Timothy King

    Metal work by Timothy King

    Back Roads Art– Mr. R&R purchased a metal deer cut-out finished with a rustic frame made by an artist in Oklahoma. We also purchased a Christmas gift for his parents.

  • The Black Shutter– If you like repurposed and reclaimed furniture, this shop is for you. The paint colors were beautiful and reasonability priced.
  • I love cow hide!

    I love cow hide!

    Buffalo Ranch Rustic Home– Don’t be scared away by the taxidermy fox in the front window. I picked up a toss pillow as a Christmas gift for a friend and got myself a soft cowhide cosmetic pouch.

  • Cactus Creek– I was introduced to this store at Junkstock last spring. I left the store this weekend with a gray goat hide. I am kicking myself for not purchasing the matching toss pillows even after Mr. R&R said I could get myself something for my birthday (maybe I’ll get those in two weeks at Junkstock).
  • A cross like no others in my collection

    A cross like no others in my collection

    Celtic Ranch– Mr. R&R was giddy when he saw the backroom containing an extensive selection of scotch. He purchased a fancy bottle that I swear smells like a band-aid (but he loves it) and I got myself a new cross to hang on my “cross wall” in my reading nook.

  • Weston Tobacco– Little did we know that that Tobacco Festival was taking place (and was sold out). Mr. R&R was a little kid when he got a sneak peak into the back room where the tobacco was hang drying. Of course, he had to get some of their cigars to try.

There were more shops that we didn’t visit and more restaurants for us to try. I guess that means we need to go back.


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