Ice Bucket Stand

Facelift, Paint, vintage

Some days I don’t craft- no painting, staining, or sanding. Some days I don’t wash laundry, cook, or unload the dishwasher. When the stars align and I have a day of not doing any of the previously mentioned tasks, I will likely be found binge watching Netflix with a drink in my hand. On days that I don’t have the energy to craft or clean, the idea of walking to the fridge for a fresh drink is exhausting. If you ever feel this way too, please say so, do– don’t leave me hanging.  An ice bucket stand next to the couch is a perfect solution.

Original knitting stand

Original knitting stand

I was out thrift store shopping and stumbled upon a mini whiskey barrel-looking  container that had a lid and legs.  It was the perfect height to compliment a sofa. The stand is from the 1960’s and was designed to hold knitting materials, get this, while sitting on the couch. I returned to the office and showed off a picture of my find and everyone responded “is that an ice bucket?”. By golly, I was going to make it an ice bucket.

Time to clean the brass

Time to clean the brass

After reading online reviews of Flex Seal, I could not bring myself to risk the product malfunctioning and creating a leaky ice bucket, not to mention the lack of insulation. I was fortunate to find an ice bucket at Goodwill that fit perfectly inside the wooden barrel.

Drinks on ice at the perfect height!

Drinks on ice at the perfect height!

I love rustic, but wooden barrels and brass are not my thing. I am open to the return of gold and brass, but not barrels with brass. Fanny selected a beautiful blue paint since the ice bucket will be a fun accent piece. I made a mess when painting and was forced to use the Dremel to remove paint from the brass, then polish and buff it. At this point, I began to question why I “had” to paint the piece.

The good news, the knitting basket has left the ‘60’s and is now rustic, refined, and practical. Drink up!


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