Fall Porch Decorations

Black Walnut, Facelift, Holiday, Paint
New rug, pillows, and end table

New rug, pillows, and end table

No, it’s not decorative gourd season. It is time to remove my spring/summer blue decorations from the front porch and replace them with fall colors (reds, oranges, and yellows). Decorative gourds and pumpkins will not, and should not, make an appearance until October. Those are the rules. The same date applies to pumpkin spice lattes.

Black walnut stump table

Black walnut stump table

I focus on two areas of my porch when decorating: the sitting area and around the front door. The sitting area was a breeze to switch over for fall. Rae and I went to At Home and found a neutral colored outdoor rug for $50. Rae selected a burnt-red moroccan print outdoor pillow for the. I swapped the navy blue end table for a custom black walnut tree stump. Mr. R&R removed the top from an old outdoor end table and mounted it to the tree stump, per Rose’s suggestion. I accented the table with a yellow mason jar and silk flowers from Michael’s (don’t judge me… I’m allowed to cheat on crafts sometimes).

I love fresh flowers!

Mr. R&R said that the area around the front porch looks better now than it did this summer. I think he is a fan of the antique wooden box containing two large pots of multi-colored mums (I must remember to water them).  Actually, his favorite part is probably the “welcome” sign I painted on a scrap piece of rough cut black walnut. Painting the “welcome” is an easy project and adds such personality to your front door.

  1.  Select a long piece of scrap wood (visit Habitat ReStore or a fencing company for reclaimed wood)IMG_3195
  2. Place your stencil letters on the wood—Letter stencils can be purchased at craft or school supply store. Letter stencils can also be cut with a Silhouette.
  3. Secure the stencils in place with spray adhesive (I did this) or painters tape

    Move the paint to the middle of the design

    Move the paint to the middle of the design

  4. Use a foam brush and acrylic to fill-in the stencil. Move the brush from the stencil into the area to be painted- this creates clean lines and prevents paint from leaking under the stencil
  5. Let dry and remove the stencil

My porch is now ready for the first day of fall on September 23rd. Pumpkins will complete the fall look, after October 1st, of course.




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