Hitchcock Stool

Facelift, vintage
“Puns are the highest form of literature.” -Alfred Hitchcock
Manufacturer branding

Manufacturer branding

Some pieces of furniture catch my eye and I am captivated. I recently came across an L. Hitchcock stool and fell in love with the unique piece. Hitchcock furniture is known for its beautiful stencil work and “gold” accent paint. Hitchcock chairs were mass produced in the 19th and early 20th century, but good luck finding more than two upholstered stools online. The seat of the stool I saw was a burgundy-based floral needlepoint design. The stool called out to me to give it new life.

Original stencil work

Original stencil work

The more I researched and read the history of Lambert Hitchcock and his furniture company, I knew that painting the base of the stool was absolutely out of the question. The stencil work of scrolled flowers and stars is like nothing I have ever seen before. My only option was to re-upholster the seat. The needlepoint was dirty and I was not the slightest bit sad to let it go.

The needlepoint was dirty and needed to go

The needlepoint was dirty and needed to go

I had underestimated the quality of Hitchcock furniture when I began the process of removing the needlepoint seat cover. That bad boy was stapled in snuggly! The staples were in a tight row and longer staples were used on the corners where the fabric overlapped. It took me almost an hour with needle nose pliers to remove the fabric.

New life for an old stool

New life for an old stool

The needlepoint fabric was used at the template to cut a new piece of replacement fabric. I decided to be bold and select a handsome red fabric to accent the stunning stencil work of the stool (I even have extra fabric if someone wants to make matching pillows- this is a hint for Mrs. Keto). This may sound crazy, but the replacement fabric was actually a Better Homes and Gardens room darkening window panel from Wal-Mart. The window panel is polyester with a unique scroll pattern. My staple gun made easy work of attaching the new fabric.

Bad news for me, the stool doesn’t match any rooms in my house.  Good news for Rae and Rose followers though, the stool will be available at the St. John Vianney Craft Fair on November 21st.


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