Brass Lamp No More

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Yucky brass lamp

Yucky brass lamp

Lamps serve a practical purpose in a home: to provide extra lighting. Practical useful items in the home can do more than serve their original, intended purpose. Practical items can be visually appealing as well. A corroded old brass lamp is not attractive. Dirty gross brass is a disservice to a functioning tall lamp with beautiful curves. I had to save this lamp.

Super Long Steps of Refinishing a Brass Lamp- According to Mrs. R&R and Fanny

  1. Use a wire brush to remove the dirt and corroded spots
  2. Spray paint thick coats of navy blue paint (be sure to use a small square of cardboard that allows spray paint to stick to the entire drive-way)
  3. Run to Lowe’s to buy more spray paint
  4. Since the same navy Rust-Oleum spray paint is not available, purchase blue metallic Rust-Oleum
  5. Apply metallic blue paint

    Navy base coat

    Navy base coat

  6. Observe that 1) the metallic paint is super-duper shiny and 2) the paint is not adhering to the brass
  7. Use a paper towel as an attempt to remove the wet spray paint
  8. Take a mental health break for lunch
  9. Use paint stripper to remove the goopy spray paint from the lamp
  10. At this point, you will probably realize that you should have followed directions and roughed up the surface of the lamp in order for the paint to adhere
  11. Use steel wool, that is more like a gray sweater, in a sad attempt to scratch the surface
  12. Break down in frustration and ask your friend to use 36 grit sand paper to scratch the living daylights out of the lamp
  13. Apply many light coats of metallic blue paint
  14. Use the remainder of the navy blue paint to tone down the metallic sheen
  15. When the navy paint is dry, apply painters tape to mark off a section for color blocking. Tape newspaper to protect the rest of the navy paint

    Color-blocking the accent color

    Color-blocking the accent color

  16. Spray the “tropical oasis” accent color
  17. Remove the tape and newspaper to reveal where the tropical oasis color made an appearance on the navy base
  18. Take a deep breath
  19. Spray the little bit of navy paint remaining into a puddle and gently paint the base to hide the tropical oasis paint
  20. Ask your helpful daughter to find a light bulb and install the lampshade
  21. Call it done

If you ever intend to finish a brass lamp, I suggest starting at step 12 and skip steps 15-19.

Color is a beautiful thing!

Color is a beautiful thing!


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