Custom Serving Trays

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It should come as no surprise that I would make serving trays since I love entertaining. I can’t wait to welcome an overnight guest with a tray of flowers and freshly baked cookies at the end of their bed. My brain was flooded with ideas and I couldn’t stop at one; I made three serving trays and I can’t decide which is my favorite.

A blank "canvas"

A blank “canvas”

The base of the serving trays were cabinet doors from Habitat Restore. The oak cabinet door was a manufacturer sample and beautiful in every way. The other two maple (or maybe pine, what do I know?) doors each had a round inset to open the door so I simply made that side the underside.

Serving tray creation steps

Serving tray creation steps

Heart serving tray

Heart serving tray

The oak door was beautiful and I couldn’t bring myself to paint it. I decided to use the clean lines and inspiration to create a simple design. I used my Silhouette to cut a heart shaped stencil. I painted the heart terra cotta and realized it blended with the oak and looked boring. With the heart stencil still in place, I applied black acrylic paint and gently wiped away the black paint with a paper towel. The finished look was distressed and perfect.

"Its kind of fun to the do the impossible"- Walt Disney

“Its kind of fun to the do the impossible”- Walt Disney

The remaining two maple/pine doors were painted with an acrylic base coat (blue and taupe). I applied two very different quotes using vinyl to the dry acrylic paint. I painted over the blue door with terra cotta wall paint and marsala wall paint over the taupe. After the top coat of paint was dry, I removed the vinyl quotes to reveal the base color below.

All 3 new serving trays

All 3 new serving trays

Mr. R&R helped me by installing handles (another Habitat Restore find) on all three trays. I admit that I’m jealous that he was able to complete that in the time that it would have taken me to locate the correct size drill bit. He even attached the little rubber feet. He’s a keeper.

Maybe someone will use a tray to bring me breakfast in bed. Hint, hint.


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