The Key to Happiness Sign

Facelift, Reclaimed, Silhouette

Clearly, it is “key week” at my house. Not the same as Shark Week on Discovery, but still top notch entertainment. Rae and Rose are both worried about my key obsession; Rae wants to know if I’ll ever make anything else again and Rose can’t figure out why I had so many metal keys on the kitchen table. Don’t worry, there will be no keys in next weeks’ posts….well, keys aren’t currently in the plan.

"Beauty Marks" on repurposed cabinet door

“Beauty Marks” on repurposed cabinet door

I was raised in the generation of “Captain Planet” and taking “pollution down to zero”. Please tell me that someone else remembers this song. Point being, the idea of recycling became very popular and was common place growing up. I think Captain Planet would approve of me repurposing materials from the Habitat Restore. Not only am I reducing waste and saving a tree, I am also saving money. It always comes back to money.

I found a long white cabinet door during a recent visit to Habitat Restore. I had a future planned for the door until “key week” took over. The front of the cabinet door has dings and holes from handles, but I prefer to call those blemishes “beauty marks”.

Key stencil background

Key stencil background

I selected a grayish-taupe acrylic paint to stencil a skeleton key in the middle of the cabinet. Rae didn’t approve of the next step (it’s growing on her); I printed a Mother Teresa quote on black vinyl and placed it across the length of the cabinet door covering the key. “There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.” The white door, gray-taupe key, and black lettering offer a sharp color contrast. I left the original beauty marks (they add character) on the door in place with the exception of the handle holes; I glued a plastic key to the door to hide the holes.

"There is no key to happiness. The door is always open."

“There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.”

“Great minds must be ready to not only take opportunities but to make them”- Chinese fortune taped to my computer monitor. Remember, the door is open for your happiness and opportunities.


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