Key Shadow Box

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Back to school is kicking my butt. I have not adjusted well to returning from vacation and jumping back into the school routine of set bedtimes, school buses, checking backpacks, and school snacks. Let’s not forget the normal stuff of laundry, dinner, and work. I am normally a week ahead on blog projects, but this week I had no great ideas. Here go nothing.

Weeks ago I found some keys on clearance at Michaels. I had no plans of what to make with them, but I thought they were cool so they were added to my cart. In anticipation of making something with keys, I also have been pinning quotes about keys. Again, I had no set plan.

Phrase printed in reverse

Phrase printed in reverse

Rose and I ran to Wal-Mart after church this morning to buy some groceries and I was started to sweat because I still didn’t have a finished project for tonight’s blog. I grabbed an 8×8 floating frame and a shadow box hoping that inspiration would hit when I got home. Nope. I went into total procrastination mode and slowly ate my omelet and watched a movie with Rose. Still no ideas.

Flowers glued to the shadow box backing to match the red font

Flowers glued to the shadow box backing to match the red font

Crunch time hit and I was forced to make something to show you tonight. I selected one of the key quotes from Pinterest and used my Silhouette to print it, but I printed it reverse so the vinyl to be on the inside of glass. Then I stared at the backing of the shadow box and thought “what next”. I remembered all the keys I purchased at Michaels and threw them all in the shadow box. I also added some red flowers for a little textural (is that a real word?) contrast.

Hour-long shadow box project

Hour-long shadow box project

Well, how did I do for a thrown together project?


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