Chalkboard Fun


So us at the Keto house are very into organization! We love having organizational boards, as per our previous post. This time I started out with the intention of making menu boards but with the start of school approaching things changed rapidly!

We were forced to face the reality that our little one was going to school! Queue alligator tears streaming down my face. As such, what could be better than making a chalkboard frame that could be used for multiple purposes?

Garage sale find!

Garage sale find!

So we started out with a bunch of frames that Mr. Keto picked up for a total of $2.00 at a garage sale!!! He has such a great eye!

We then cleaned the heck out of them. For those that do not know me, this is my least favorite part! We then took frog tape and taped the frames leaving the glass exposed. The next part is one that I would change in the future…we spray-painted the glass with Krylon Chalkboard Paint. I would use regular chalkboard paint next time because I still had to take a brush to get a clean even coat and I had to do this three times.

Once dry, we pealed the tape off to reveal perfect clean lines. And us being us, we chose paint that we had left over from house renovations. We only painted one frame as the wood on the other was in such great condition! Two coats later we were done!! Or so I thought…

Renovation Leftovers

Renovation Leftovers

Frog tape and spray paint!

Frog tape and spray paint!

With the Hubby out of town I was feeling particularly nostalgic in thinking of our little one being brought home from the hospital and how it could be possible that she was starting school. Reality…hit…HARD.

So I asked her the questions are you excited, what you think you will do and then what do you want to be when you grow up and got to work!

I used her sidewalk chalk and made her a first day of school board that sited what she wanted to be when she grew up. This kiddo would live in a zoo if I let her, like mother like daughter! So naturally she wants to work with animals when she grows up. This is a good departure from the kitty ballerina that she wanted to be last spring.

Year one

Year one

So off she goes to school, and no tears for this mama! I consider that a win!


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