Forest Edge Gallery

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The family recently spent a week vacationing in Northern Minnesota. Mr. R&R’s favorite past time is spending hours on the lake fishing. It pains me to admit that Rae catches bigger fish than me. Rose is becoming an expert at baiting a hook. I hold my own at catching sunfish, but I am focusing my energy more towards cleaning and cooking.

Forest Edge Gallery geese

Forest Edge Gallery geese

Mr. R&R and I took a morning to visit our favorite art gallery, Forest Edge Gallery, in Vergas, MN.  (I can’t believe I said “our favorite art gallery. When did we become adults?) Years ago, Mr. R&R fell in love with the metal work of gallery-owner Patrick Shannon. We started our collection of Shannon pieces with 3 Canadian geese that hang from the ceiling above the bar sink.

A new-to-us addition to Shannon’s collection are the small copper sunfish. I thought they were adorable. They reminded me of our family-friendly competition to catch the smallest sunny. The copper sunnies also reminded me of the day Mr. R&R and I drove around Detroit Lakes finding sunfish statues sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

Grown-up art in the basement

Grown-up art in the basement (with bad lighting for taking photos)

I’ve already shared that I gave Mr. R&R free reign to decorate the basement. A stuffed pheasant is too rustic for my own personal style, but it makes him happy. I was excited when Mr. R&R wanted a metal fish scene made by Shannon to hang in the basement. The scene included the striking copper sunfish and walleye, the official fish of the state of Minnesota.

It took us longer to decide where to hang the fish scene than it did to pick it out. On days when we can’t go fishing, we can simply look at the art on our walls and recall the joy shared on the fishing boat.

IMG_3032PS- The flowers on the table are hydrangeas from my backyard. They are huge! The purple accent flower is from my hostas. I placed the flowers in an old Winchester ammunition box to add a rustic edge to the delicate flowers.


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