Personalized School Clipboard

DIY, Silhouette
Disclaimer: This post is not about rustic and refined home décor.
Applying modge podge

Applying mod podge

I wanted to be the fun “auntie” and send a special little girl to preschool with a personalized clipboard.  Yes, I’m that person who buys school supplies a month before school starts. A backpack full of notebooks and crayons still excites me. I even made Rae and Rose vinyl stickers with their names to stick on their spiral notebooks and compositions books. I’m that mom.

Top layer complete

Top layer complete

Back to the clipboard. Sydney is soooo excited about starting Montessori pre-primary as a younger friend (preschool age students). Rose just “graduated” from the pre-primary to the primary class so I am very familiar with the need for and use of the clipboard. I thought that decorating the clipboard together would be a fun project for me and Syd.

Purple backside of the clipboard

Purple backside of the clipboard

I picked up some fun scrapbook paper in a clearance pack from Hobby Lobby and let Syd select the primary paper and accent colors. She applied Mod Podge in messy 4-year-old style and the chevron scrapbook paper was applied as the base. The next layer was a thick piece of pink paper topped by her name cut in purple with the Silhouette. To protect the scrapbook paper, I had her apply another messy coat of Mod Podge (I went behind her to clean it up a bit).

I used a nail file to gently smooth out the excess paper and modge podge on the edges

I used a nail file to gently smooth out the excess paper and mod podge on the edges

Mr. R&R thought the clipboard was cute, but the back was 1) boring and 2) had newspaper stuck to it from Syd’s Mod Podge drippings. I applied a light coat of purple acrylic paint to “dress-up” the backside of the clipboard. Mr. R&R approved and, more importantly, Miss Syd approved.

Are you ready for the new school year? I know Syd is.

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