Yoda Chest of Drawers

DIY, Facelift, Silhouette
Months ago when Mr. R&R brought home projects-to-be from the barn, he brought me a children’s size chest of drawers. Every day for months, I stared at the drawers trying to think of a fun, different, creative design. And every day for months, nothing came to me. One night though, I was finally hit by a stroke of genius.
Before and After

Before and After

I recently told you about the headboards made of fence for Mr. R&R’s godson. Through discussions about the headboards, we learned that the brothers could benefit from the chest of drawers. I was pleased to have a purpose, but I still wanted it to be “fun”. Mr. R&R and I were brainstorming phrases for the headboards when I began researching Yoda quotes since the brothers are huge Star Wars fans. “Do or do not. There is no try” resonated with me.
Base paint with vinyl stickers applied

Base paint with vinyl stickers applied

Using the same green acrylic paint as the headboard, I painted the top drawer. I printed the Yoda quote on vinyl with my Silhouette and stuck the quote to the green paint. I then painted the entire chest of drawers gray (including over the sticker letters). After the gray paint was dry, I very carefully removed the vinyl letters to reveal the green paint below. Mr. R&R joined the party and removed two letters before admitting how time consuming this process is. I sealed the entire dresser with Polycrylic to protect the integrity of the paint forming the quote. I finished off the chest with new-to-me knobs from the Habitat Restore.

IMG_2940I think everyone needs a little Yoda in their life.

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