Pinto Bag Pillows

DIY, Junkstock
Pinto bean bags and pillow forms

Pinto bean bags and pillow forms

The topic has returned to my toss pillow obsession. I don’t think I have a problem. I think toss pillows are beautiful on the couch and practical because pillows help hide old sippy cup milk stains. Mr. R&R, Rae, and Rose would argue that the pillows are a pain because they have to move them off the couch just to have a place to seat. We must all make sacrifices, but Momma is going to win this battle. I would like to introduce into evidence my newest collection of toss pillows: pinto bags.

In June, I shared with you my Junkstock adventures. After purchasing the seed sack pillows that “I had to have” for the basement, Mrs. Keto spotted pinto bean bags at the Antiques on Franklin booth. The pinto bags were from Greeley, CO, the birthplace of Rae. My initial thought was one that my family would have supported “Do I really need these bags to make more toss pillows”. Need, no. Want, yes. Two pinto bags went home with me.

Mrs. Keto made me a pillow

Mrs. Keto made me a pillow

I can sew on a button and mend a hole, but my sewing ability stops there. Mrs. Keto took over the project at this point. She double threaded her needle with red embroidery floss with the intention of showing-off the thread. She looped the thread from the edge of the bag in an inch to the edge of the pillow insert (50% off at Hobby Lobby) to create a decorative lip all around the pillow. A novice like myself could have completed this project, but Mrs. Keto was in her happy place and who was I to take away her joy.

In four months, I am going to bust out my Christmas toss pillow collection. I believe life is too short not to have a pretty pillow party on the couch.


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