Barnwood Squared

Barn Wood, Reclaimed, vintage

Papa's Mike's Christmas gift from Lineville Antiques

Papa’s Mike’s Christmas gift from Lineville Antiques

I believe that shopping for my parents is worse than shopping for my pre-teen. Rae at least tells me what she wants. My parents, and Mr. R&R’s parents too, purchase what they need when they need it. We have resorted to purchasing antiques (my dad loves the old classroom periodic table hanging in his office) or making items for around the home.

Last year, Mr. R&R’s mom mentioned that her guest bedroom felt like it was missing something. Mr. R&R and I decided to make a headboard using red barnwood. The color would be perfect in the guest bedroom and the barnwood would add a new texture to offset the quilts she makes.


Barnwood Headboard

 I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the red barn wood headboard was so well liked that it was placed in the guest bedroom of the new cabin addition. I smile every time I walk in the room. I love that his parents really like our rustic and refined style and have added a bit of us to their cabin.

Barnwood Squared wooden quilt

Barnwood Squared wooden quilt

Fast forward…we needed to get Mr. R&R’s parents a special thank you gift. A co-worker’s husband had just started Barnwood Squared. Cole uses “reclaimed barn wood and rusted metal” to create “framed quilt squares”. I saw a wooden quilt square that included red barn wood (like the headboard) and dark wooden pieces that matched the bedding in the guest bedroom. Since Mr. R&R’s mom quilts, this felt like the perfect gift. Each barnwood quilt is signed and included a metal wire for hanging.

Christmas will be here before you know it. Visit Barnwood Squared now and find that special unique gift (or get one for yourself!).


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