Mason Jar Memories

DIY, Mason Jars

Losing someone you love hurts. Words cannot describe how badly it hurts. Sadly, you will have a moment of realization that you will never receive another letter, hug, text, or voicemail from that person. That moment sucks. No way to sugar coat it. You may save a voicemail to listen to their voice again or save a text so you can re-read it and laugh. Many people, myself and Goodie included, choose to preserve funeral flowers as a final keepsake.

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Framed pressed funeral flowers

Framed pressed funeral flowers

When Goodie’s grandmother passed away last October, she had the foresight to save the floral arrangements. Common practices are to press the fresh flowers for framing or to dry the arrangements. Goodie was struck with a plan of how to share the dried flowers with the family.

Hang the flowers to dry-- be patient!

Hang the flowers to dry– be patient!

Goodie used an elastic hair band to bundle the flowers together. The elastic band can then easily be placed on a hanger, allowing the flowers to hang upside down. After the flowers had dried in the basement for months, she began the process of removing the flowers from the stems. The dried flowers were gorgeous and vivid in color.

Placing the first flower in the jar

Placing the first flower in the jar

Grandma Moet was an avid canner, so Goodie placed the dried flowers in the same canning mason jars that had preserved so many of her grandmother’s vegetables and applesauce. I feel so honored that Mrs. Keto, Polly Lolly, and I were able to help Goodie in the emotional process of  “canning” the dried flowers. The “canned” flowers were created and given to Grandma Moet’s children and grandchildren.

For Goodie, the mason jar memories transport her to another place, a place where she is reunited with her grandmother who is singing “You are My Sunshine”.

You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine


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