High School Shop Class Nightstand Facelift

Facelift, Paint, Woodworking

I am dedicating this week’s posts to my Rose.  She is the “Rose of My Heart”.  It is my job as a mother to give her everything she needs.  She has clothes on her back, a roof over her head, food, and LOVE. Rose has everything she needs and I still want to give her more; more of my time, more of my energy, more of me.  Since Rose is still on vacation and I can’t be with her, I decided to focus my energy to apply finishing touches to her bedroom. On Sunday, I shared with you the lace stencil I used to update Rose’s dresser. My next mission was her nightstand.

Before and After

Before and After

Ebony stained top, pre-painted

Ebony stained top, pre-painted

Rose’s nightstand was made by Mr. R&R in high school shop class (seriously, why didn’t I take shop class instead of Physics?). His parents still have the mate and I may sneak it out of their house. I love the quality and design of the nightstand, but the natural wood color doesn’t match her bedroom. The dresser drawers were already out in the garage, so the nightstand joined the list of projects.

Fresh flowers and a lamp make for a beautiful nightstand

Fresh flowers and a lamp make for a beautiful nightstand

First, I painted the base of the nightstand gray to match her bedding (I’ll share that on Thursday). I am a huge fan of Pewter Tankard gray, with taupe undertones, by Sherwin Williams. Next, I sanded and stained the top ebony to match her dresser. Then I applied two coats of Polycrylic in a clear satin to seal the stain. To take the nightstand facelift a step further, I drilled holes in the cabinet doors to add knobs. I must confess that Mr. R&R was out of town and offered me pointers via text (the drill causes me difficulties sometimes).

I am counting down the days until Rose returns home and can see her room again!


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