Rose’s Lace-Stenciled Dresser

Facelift, Spray Paint

What kind of mother would I be if I refinished Rae’s  chest of drawers and not Rose’s? A normal mom, but I’ve never considered myself to be normal. Since the girls are still on summer vacation with grandmas, I figured it was the perfect time to work on Rose’s dresser.

Before and After

Before and After

Rose is a self-proclaimed rocker chick. She wore a faux-hawk high ponytail to the first day of preschool. She requested a leather jacket for her 4th birthday. She knows how to rock cowboy boots with any outfit. Rose is leather and lace. The idea of using lace as a dresser drawer stencil has recently been floating around Facebook and Pinterest and I thought Rose’s dresser would be the perfect guinea pig.

Place lace on the drawer as a stencil

Place lace on the drawer as a stencil

I purchased 1 ½ yards of inexpensive lace on a bolt from Wal-Mart and cut the fabric to cover each drawer. I paid great attention to ensure that the lace was placed in the same direction on the drawers. To prevent the lace from shifting, I pulled the lace taut in all directions and used painters tape to hold it in place. I applied three light coats of purple spray paint (Rose’s favorite color).

Purple spray paint and purple glitter spray paint applie

Purple spray paint and purple glitter spray paint applied

Similar to most Pinterest projects, my finished product did not exactly match the impression photos. When spray painting outdoors on a sunny breezy day, I had a difficult time judging areas of uneven paint application. After the paint was dry and I removed the lace, I noticed that a few areas had less “purple” than other sections. I recommend taking it slow and steady when applying the spray paint to ensure even paint color coverage.

Close-up of the finished product

Close-up of the finished product

I can’t wait for Rose to return home to see her “new” dresser. The top and sides of the dresser are still an ebony stain and I didn’t even replace the knobs. I hope she loves the ebony peaking through purple lace as much as I do.


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