Silhouette Cameo and Vinyl are PERFECT for Custom Wedding Decorations

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A very special wedding is soon approaching. When the wedding theme is “Rustic Elegance” and the colors are “birch and burlap” with accents of “Gustavus Gold”, it is almost a given that the decorations are going to be custom. Fortunately, the ceremony and reception are outdoors so God’s beautiful natural landscape is providing most of the decorations.

Using vinyl to customize $1 containers

Using vinyl to customize $1 containers

Wedding guests will appreciate the beauty of the lake and trees, but they will be less appreciative of mosquitos and sunburns. I’m reminded of my sister’s senior quote in her yearbook, “If Noah had been truly wise he would have swatted those two flies”. The same could be said for mosquitos. The bridal party took to Pinterest months ago looking for “cute” solutions. The winning option was a white plastic container from Dollar Tree, burlap flowers, and “be smitten, not bitten” adhered using vinyl. The practical solution to hold individually wrapped Off! towelettes works with the theme.  The front the of the matching sunscreen container is covered in scrap burlap lace (leftover from the centerpieces) and also contains a cute little saying created with my Silhouette Cameo and printed on vinyl.

Wedding card holder

Wedding card holder

The couple only requested the gift of guest attendance and therefore has no need for a traditional gift table. A wise friend suggested that a container for cards containing well wishes might be needed instead. I found an affordable glass jar at Homegoods with a wide mouth to hold greeting cards. Using the same FREE font as the containers above, Dawning of a New Day, I cut “Cards” in vinyl and added a few little circles for fun.

“S’more Love” sign for a s’mores bar

One of my favorite parts of this wedding reception is the s’mores bar for dessert. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s bars will be in large mason jars on the picnic table next to the fire pit. Guests can cozy up next to the fire pit and make s’mores, because roasting marshmallows is a requirement when a fire pit is present. I cut  “S’more Love” in vinyl, stuck it to burlap, and place it in a distressed yellow frame to be placed on the picnic table.

Oh, just wait until you see the “guest book” Mr. R&R and I are creating. It will truly be “rustic elegance”.


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