Rae’s Rustic and Refined Bedroom

Barn Wood

Since I showed you Rae’s new dresser, , I figured that I might as well show off her whole room. Rae’s style may be the epitome of rustic and refined with the pieces she has selected for her room. My parents allowed me to design my bedroom as a teenager and I feel it is important to allow Rae the same opportunity to create her personal space.


Close-up of the barn wood wall

Headboard– We played musical beds when we moved into the new house and Rae upgraded to a queen, which she likes, but that meant she no longer had her custom rustic pallet bed.  She still wanted a rustic headboard, but she and Mr. R&R worked out a plan to take it to the next level. Rae and Mr. R&R spent the afternoon selecting pieces of old 1×12 barn wood to nail to the entire wall. The result is dramatic and breathtaking.

Icebox nightstand from She-tique

Icebox nightstand from She-tique

Bedside table– Rae had a simple black table from Target next to her bed, but she desperately wanted more turquoise in her room. She lucked out on a visit to She-tique Boutique. We found an old icebox that had been painted the perfect color. The size and price made it a win all around.

A Humble Home custom desk

A Humble Home custom desk

Desk– No joke, Rae’s room is huge. It is ridiculous. Opposite her barn wood wall is built-in shelving with enough room for a desk. Since the kitchen has desk space for my computer, Rae gladly took my desk. I purchased the desk a few years ago from Humble Home and I am still in love with the design and painted poppy.

Les Kouba

Les Kouba “November in Border Country”

Artwork– Rae loves horses. I have never seen her more at peace than when she is on a horse. It should come as no surprise that she framed a horse puzzle to hang in her room. My personal favorite piece of her artwork actually is a moose, not a horse, and is located in her bathroom (yes, bathrooms should be decorated too).  The print is Les Kouba’s “November in Border Country” and was personalized and signed as a gift to Rae’s great-grandfather. The picture was given to Rae’s father, great-grandpa’s namesake, and now belongs to Rae. I added a new matte and frame for a more modern touch and the colors in the print are a subdued version of the colors in her bedroom. The turquoise bath towels make Kouba’s colors “pop”.

I really need to get to work on Rose’s room now.


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