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Junkstock is my favorite June (and October) event in Omaha. Mr. R&R would argue that the College World Series is better, but he holds Junkstock as his 2nd favorite June event. Mrs. Keto and I spent Friday afternoon Junkstocking and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The afternoon provided material for many future projects and posts (stayed tuned), but today I want to provide a quick highlight of my finds (and some amazing vendors).

Rusty Roof Barn– Mrs. Keto and I fell in love with these super cool people from Wisconsin. They were so sweet and didn’t even give me a hard time when I asked if they had any Minnesota vintage signs. It may sound crazy, but I purchased an old animal pooper scooper shovel. I envision using it in my fall front porch motif.

HomeGrown Junk Facebook Photo

HomeGrown Junk Facebook Photo

HomeGrown Junk– Since last October, I have been talking about the seed sack pillows at this booth. And since October, I have regretted not purchasing a set. I am pleased to say that I now own two of my very own HomeGrown Junk seed sack pillows. Happy dance!

Funk’d Up Junk– Mrs. Keto has eagle eyes and spotted a set of spindles that will make perfect tall table legs. Yep, they came home with me.

Antiques on Franklin Facebook Photo

Antiques on Franklin Facebook Photo

Antiques on Franklin– I had already purchased my beautiful HomeGrown Junk seed sack pillows when Mrs. Keto’s eagle eyes came out again and found burlap pinto bean bags. The bags were labeled “Greeley, CO”, the birthplace of Rae. How could I say no?

A&R Salvage and Recycling– I’ve lived in Omaha for 8 years and I sadly never knew this 10 acre salvage yard was in existence. Shocker- I purchased a slab of reclaimed black walnut. A&R also has a new shop, Black Market, located in the Old Market that sells their custom furniture creations.

The Lineville Antique Co Facebook Photo

The Lineville Antique Co Facebook Photo

Lineville Letterpress and The Lineville Antique Co– Jeff and Alex are talented cool guys. My dad is still raving about last year’s Christmas gift, a vintage Periodic Table I purchased last October from this booth. On Friday, I went home with a two more spindles and the coolest red wagon shelf. The anticipation of hanging the wagon and sharing the story with all of you is driving me crazy. I can’t wait.

If you missed Junkstock this June, mark your calendar for the harvest edition- October 9th, 10th, and 11th. I’ll see you there!


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