Multi-functional Painted End Table

Facelift, Paint
1940's Hunter Century fan in need of a table

1940’s Hunter Century fan in need of a table

I don’t know what has come over me, but every time I see an older piece of furniture, I feel consumed to give it a facelift. The same is true for the 90’s inspired oak end table Mr. R&R had sitting in the basement. The table was semi-used (it held the table hockey game when not in use), but it was not living up to its full potential. Since I was working on the Cigar Room, I thought the table would be perfect to hold my 1940’s Hunter Century fan garage sale find.

Table in it's original form

Table in its original form

Painting this table was a quick and easy project. No veneer, no existing thick polyurethane finishes, and no priming required. This was my kind of table. I applied two coats of the gray paint (Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard to be exact) that I was also using to paint the upper wall section in the Cigar Room. My vision was for a crisp gray table against the lower white walls accented with the antique black fan.

Finished table with the fan

Finished table with the fan

My vision lasted one day. I took pictures of the recently finished Cigar Room (that post is coming soon) and went to bed pleased with the room transformation. When I went to admire my handiwork the next day, I was saddened to see that I had not secured the old tin snips to the wall properly and they had fallen on an end table originally in the Cigar Room and shattered the glass top.

So, the bad news: I had to vacuum up glass that had scattered across the room and take the end table out to the trash.  I am also down one end table. The good news: I had a recently painted end table to place next to the leather sofa. The other piece of good and bad news is that I am “forced” to find a replacement end table to hold the fan. Oh shucks. I need to paint again.

The table in its new home- next to the sofa.


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