My very own custom entry table

Barn Wood, Woodworking

Accent chairs and tables capture my attention like nothing else can. Sofa tables, coffee tables, and end tables–I love them all. I am in awe of how a flat surface with 4 legs can transfer a room and be so practical at the same time. Not only that, the options for table personalization are limited only by the imagination.

Reclaimed red oak base

Reclaimed red oak base

As I previously mentioned, when Mr. R&R made the gorgeous black walnut sofa table, the base was originally made with reclaimed red oak. When he and I put the pieces together we both knew that the reclaimed red oak was too rustic, and too small, for the 5’ smooth black walnut top. I loved the red oak base and wasn’t going to let it go to waste. I turned my eyes to my front entry and had a vision of a rustic entry table (every home in a movie has an entry table and I always wanted one).

Barnwood selected for the new table top

Barnwood selected for the new table top

I made (asked nicely, strongly suggested–take your pick) Mr. R&R climb above the garage door so I could select the piece of 1×12” red barnwood to adorn the red oak base. I selected the piece with the most red coloring across the length of the board. Mr. R&R trimmed the barnwood to create a 4” overhang on each side of the base. The final entry table is cohesive and perfect. The weathered barnwood top perfectly complements the naturally-distressed red oak base. The top does have a poly coat (better to be safe than sorry), but the base is simply Danish oil.

A rustic table for my foyer

A rustic table for my foyer

I feel like I’m in the movies now with my very own entry table accented with pretties and an old wooden box to collect the mail.


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