Phrase Plates 

DIY, vintage

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of a phrase added to china plates and hung on a wall. I found the idea brilliant and beautiful. I immediately visualized my dining room wall covered with assorted plates and kind words. I went to work. Step one was picking out the phrase to hang on the wall. Each plate would hold a word so I needed to know the word count of my phrase before plate shopping. I selected Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread” for two reasons: 1) I feel it is important to keep God in the home and 2) the verse meshed with a dining room location. I ordered my vinyl sticker verse from Bluestreak Decals on Etsy and was very pleased with the quality.

Plates, plates, and more random plates

Plates, plates, and more random plates

Rae and I had an enjoyable afternoon shopping for plates. I had previously found two ornate plates at an estate sale, but had my fingers crossed that the remaining six plates would be less expensive. I was nervous when we left the first Goodwill with only one plate. The second Goodwill was golden! We found five more plates, all from different patterns, for less than $2 each. My favorite find was a small oval platter that perfectly fit “Matthew 6:11”.

Plate Hangers

I researched the process of hanging plates and found positive reviews about invisible plate hangers. I proceeded with this Amazon (Prime!) order since I don’t care for the look of traditional plate hangers. Per the instructions, I washed the plates, used my finger to wet the glue backing, waited 3-7 minutes, stuck the hangers to the back of the plates, and waited until the next day to hang them.

Craft paper used to mark nail holes

Craft paper used to mark nail holes

To facilitate the spacing and hanging of the plates, I traced each plate on brown craft paper and measured and marked the location of the hook. I hung the brown paper on the wall, made sure it was level, moved it again to make sure it was centered on the wall, and checked with the level again. While the paper was still on the wall, I hammered my nails into the marked locations. The fresh garden peonies on my rustic sideboard nicely complement the assorted colors and metals of the phrase plates.

All done!

All done!


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