Random Mantel Decorations


My master bedroom has a fireplace. That’s right, a fireplace with a mantel in my bedroom. Romance and drama. Truth is, I don’t think the pilot light is lit.

Point of Inspiration

The point of the story is that I have two mantels in the house to decorate. My initial thought was “yea”, then reality struck. When we moved into the house last summer, I had never decorated a master bedroom mantel and had no idea where to start. I unpacked a Swedish birdhouse made by Mr. R&R’s Grandpa Iver and immediately I knew it deserved the honor of being the first item placed on the mantel. The little blue bird became my design inspiration.

Birds and Antlers (the birdhouse has friends)

Next, I rummaged through boxes to find the blue decorations used when staging a bathroom to sell the previous home. The blue decorations had birds and were the perfect shade to accent the Swedish birdhouse. I also unpacked inspiration quotes on wooden blocks. The signs were small so I placed them on the mantel “until I found a better place.” I randomly found deer antlers in a box and placed those on the mantel too. Birds and deer antlers are very different animals, but they are both from nature so they match in my book.

Fun sayings, more birds, and more antlers

You may not agree, but I believe all the random items on the mantel complement each other. I love the collection of mixed media (glass, ceramic, wood, deer antlers) arranged with a neutral color scheme and a single accent color.

All together now

Eleven months later, I am still trying to decorate the mantel in the family room.


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