Arcades, darts, and drinks

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Grown Up Fun!

Grown Up Fun!

Adult men are like little boys; when an arcade machine or video games are present, nothing else matters. I underestimated this theory when gifting Mr. R&R with his very own arcade machine last Christmas (no quarters required!). Months later, he still refers to it as the “best gift ever.”

Oil Can Drink Stand

Oil Can Drink Stand

After many nights of drinking and playing old school video and arcade games, it was quite obvious that a table was needed to hold drinks. I had been struggling with a purpose for a green oil can stand when I suddenly realized it was the perfect height for a drink stand (it holds drinking game paraphernalia too). I took a wire brush to scrub off the rust and sprayed it with a clear coat of Rust-Oleum for further protection (I suffered a great internal debate whether to paint or not to paint the oil can stand). Mr. R&R cut and assembled barnwood to create a tabletop. A little bit of poly later, the rustic wood top was attached to the rusty stand.

After, on top

After, on top and Before, below

The arcade machine required bar stools for long nights of intense NBA Jam battles. Our current bar stools are, of course, in use so I purchased a set at Goodwill. Goodwill barstools for in the basement, no matter how ugly, are a much more economical choice than buying brand new, in my opinion. The stools I purchased where not ugly, but I still sanded them down and applied a darker stain. In hindsight, I wish I had stained them even darker. Either way, the price was right.

Dartboard with barn wood backing

Dartboard with barn wood backing

The finishing piece for the “gaming corner of fun” was the dartboard. Mr. R&R acquired a dartboard years ago and I have never seen it hung. He once again visited his pile of barnwood to cut and assemble a square backing for the dartboard. He even added barnwood trim along the cut edges. The girls haven’t tested out the dartboard yet, mainly because I fear the backing needs to be twice the size for them to miss the drywall. I should probably stock up on spackle now.

If you intrigued by this part of our basement, wait until you see the cigar room.


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