A Sofa Table Too Classy For My House

Black Walnut, Woodworking

I hope that I am not becoming redundant, but I love when Mr. R&R works with black walnut. The slight color variations and softly curving lines in the wood are one of God’s true masterpieces. The curling grains sparkle when touched by sunlight.  The white sap line next to the exposed bark is one of my favorite parts of black walnut. When I touch the smooth piece of wood and the live bark edge, I feel in touch as if I am one with nature. Wow, that was sappy. No pun intended.

Black Walnut Table Top

Black Walnut Table Top

Mr. R&R began this project with two long pieces of black walnut, each about 8 inches wide. Each piece was run through the planer and jointer and then combined to create one 12”x 60” board.  I made the project slightly more difficult by requesting to retain a live bark edge on the front of the table. The top was hand sanded, lacquered, sanded, and lacquered again creating a beautiful shine.

As I previously posted, the original base was made using reclaimed oak and was too rustic. Mr. R&R went back to the drawing board and created a larger base made of hard maple. He spent more quality time with the planer, jointer, and sander. Lots and lots of time with the sander.  The maple based was simply finished with Danish oil to bring out the natural beauty of the maple.

Smooth Maple Base

As Mr. R&R celebrated the completion of the table with a Crown and ginger ale, he stood back and looked at the table in our family room and said “that sofa table is too classy for our house”. I guess that means I don’t get to keep it. The finished sofa table is a work of art.

60″ Black Walnut and Maple Sofa Table


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