Misadventures of Pinterest Flower Making

DIY, Pinterest

My uncle is a master florist. I am not. I can’t even remember the names of the flowers in my yard. That being said, I love the peaceful feeling that washes over me when I see flowers. Mr. R&R on the other hand, gets watery eyes when he walks in the floral shop. While spending/wasting time on Pinterest, I found what I believed to be a fair compromise–flower bouquets made from old sewing patterns. I could channel my uncle’s floral creativity and Mr. R&R would have clear eyes. 

Sewing patterns- garage sale finds

 Rae and I went to work. We took our 25¢ garage sale bargain sewing patterns and cut them into six 7-inch squares, per the seemingly simple instructions I pinned. Folding the pattern accordion-style six times was easy enough as was cutting the ends to created rounded flower petals.

How tight is tight?

How tight is tight?

Step 2 instructed us to “tightly twist a wire floral stem around the center of the rectangle”. How tight is tight? We tried loosely-tight and tight-tight. I still don’t know the correct answer. The accordion-folded paper with the sorta-tight wire in the middle now needed to be pulled apart layer by layer to reveal a beautiful blossoming flower.

A flower "blossom"

A flat flower “blossom”

After my first attempt at Step 3, I was ready to throw all of our work in the trash. Rae and I persevered and managed to create 6 flowers yet none of them looked like a beautiful round blossom. The “flowers”, and I use the term loosely, were more visually pleasing when we bunched them together in a pot, secured by floral foam.

Finally, a floral bouquet!

I shared my frustration with my mother and she suggested I try making the peony-style paper flowers she had seen on Pinterest. I refuse to be a quitter so Rae and I went after it again with the assistance of Rose (she is named after a flower, surely she could help us). I did deviate from the true instructions because I was not using coffee filters, but a combination of sewing patterns and tissue paper. The instructions are “simply” to:

  1. Cut ten pieces of “paper” (or use coffee filters)

  2. Snowflake style, make pointed edges on two sheets of paper 

  3. Make rounded edges on the others eight sheets

  4. Stack the petals 

  5. Push floral wire through the layers in the middle. Easier said than done. My wire did not easily poke through the 10 layers.  I struggled a lot with this step causing Rose to give up and start a dance party.

  6. Wrinkle the petals and shape into a flower. Again, I use the term “flower” loosely. When I finally finished the first peony, Rae was exhausted as well and joined the dance party.

    Paper peonies

The girls and I don’t intend to make any more flowers in the near future, but I am pleased with the finished project. I may visit the floral shop this weekend.


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