Why You Should Visit a Garage Sale This Weekend

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  Garage sale season is officially upon us. Anyone with young children knows that garage sales hold potential for great deals on clothing and toys. Don’t limit your searching and shopping for kid’s clothes and toys. Garage sales (and estate sales too) possess endless possibilities for you to flex your creative muscles.

Check off your Pinterest list.  I found a pin about “46 Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old” that screams “yard sale finds” to me. I’m going to work on #32- Sewing Pattern Flowers. I found old sewing patterns for 25¢ each set last weekend. I see a bouquet in my future.

Mrs. Keto's tiered stand

Mrs. Keto’s tiered stand

Make Mrs. Keto’s tiered stand. This week’s special guest blogger detailed how to make your own unique tiered stand for entertaining. Garage sales are a place to find beautiful plates and cups. I almost bought a whole set of china last week for $75 (including the storage cases). The china was adorned with gold trim and pink roses and would have made beautiful stands. I’m kicking myself now.

Update your furniture. Looking for a new end tables, dresser, or tv stand? Go to a garage sale with an open mind. Mr. R&R picked up a huge dresser for only $20. The raw product is not my style per se, but I’ve already removed the fixtures and started priming it. With a little paint and new handles, it will be beautiful. And the price is right!

$20 Garage Sale Find!

$20 Garage Sale Find!

If you are in the Omaha area, take a look at Craigslist, the newspaper, and Garage Sales by Map to plan your shopping. Some online listings will include detailed descriptions and pictures of items for sale. Most sales begin on Thursday. Don’t forget to hit up the ATM first.


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