Love It, Hate It, Gotta Have It!

DIY, Entertaining

Mr. and Mrs. Rae and Rose came into our lives about a year ago and to say it has been a crazy ride is an understatement. They have inspired me, and Mr. Keto, to expand our horizons in food (Wild Game Feed!) and creativity. Rae and Rose have given us tons of ideas, but now they have requested that we share one of our own, kind of. Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. I love all the cool projects but I have found, like most people that I have spent more time dreaming of being creative while “pinning,” rather than actually doing those projects. Mr. Keto and I consider ourselves crafty people, but we also have a knack for not following directions and/or wanting to figure it out ourselves, this creates funny stories of “almost got it”, and more importantly, breathtaking items that we can display all over the home.

So pretty but they get so dirty and cannot be fully appreciated.

One Pin that caught my eye was to fashion bird baths out of thrift shop finds, but I felt that I could do more. I had a lightbulb moment to mold thrift shop finds into display pieces for our culinary Pinterest attempts. We acquired plates, bowls, and glasses made of China, ceramic, and glass from area thrift stores to create unique tiered entertaining pieces to showcase anything from cookies to shrimp cocktail. We were thrilled about this great idea – but we had no clue what we were doing! The first attempt at creating our masterpiece looked fantastic, but didn’t hold up- wrong glue! (A tiered stand only works if the tiers stay together).The second shot was a winner (we skipped the cheap stuff and used Loctite Dishwasher Safe Glass Glue).

Looks great with shrimp cocktail!

Looks great with shrimp cocktail!

To get the look we took a plate and placed glue around the bottom of goblets or mugs and positioned them in the middle of each plate. Next we put glue around the rim of the goblet or mug and positioned a smaller plate on top and then repeated the process for the three tiered piece. We also did the same thing with another set but positioned a bowl on top for dips. Then we waited. 24 excruciating hours. We wanted to be sure that we didn’t have another “oops”!



The final look is amazing! We love that we can use these pieces as not only a great display for food but also as a conversation starter at our next social affair!

So, thank you Pinterest, until next time.

–          Mrs. Keto (and Mr. too)


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