Sneak Peak–Wood Works in Progress

Barn Wood, Black Walnut, Woodworking

I love showing off the projects that Mr. R&R creates (I am a proud Mrs.). I am even more delighted when a project is finished and I can share the whole process with you. Completing projects is taking longer than expected at the moment: I was out of town last week, Mr. R&R is currently out of town, humidity levels have prevented applying finishes, and to add insult to injury, our sander died. (We have some small items finished that are part of bigger projects, so I am waiting for a big reveal to share those.)

Here is a sneak peak of a few projects that will be finished soon…well, I sure hope so.

Two shotskis in progress

Two shotskis in progress

Shotski– That’s right. Cozy up with three of your closest drinking buddies and share a shot from a unique, good-looking piece of black walnut.

Black Walnut Table Top

Black Walnut Table Top

Sofa Table– Mr. R&R patiently and tenderly used the planer and jointer to combine two pieces of black walnut to create a 4’ long sofa table top with a live bark edge with a light lacquer finish. The table would be finished by now, but I played the perfectionist card and requested a larger and more refined base (I requested maple) to complement the attractive tabletop. What are your thoughts- natural oak or maple for base?

Barnwood top and oak base

Barnwood top and oak base

Hallway Table- I rejected the table base originally built for the black walnut sofa table, but I have not written it off. The base is made with reclaimed oak and is beautifully rustic with a simple Danish oil finish. I feel the base is a little too small for a sofa table, but it fits nicely in the front entry. Mr. R&R dug out his remaining long 1×12 reclaimed red barn wood to adorn the oak base. Well, the goal is to adorn the base. The board still needs to be cut, finished, and attached.

Rose's Barn Door

Rose’s Barn Door

Rose’s Barn Door– Her barn door consists of tongue depressors, glue sticks, and acrylic paint. She came up with the idea all on her own and even added the angled support pieces. Bless her little heart. Her barn door is finished, but I want to display the piece as a remembrance of her first woodworking project.


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