5 Steps to Decorate for Mother’s Day Dinner

DIY, Entertaining, Spray Paint

Attention: Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 10th. Get ready. Order flowers. Buy perfume. Send a card. Better yet, make her dinner. Every meal tastes better with proper place settings and decorations; I’ll show you how.

A decorated dining room table

A decorated dining room table

  1. Pick a color theme. Select your mother’s favorite color or a current seasonal color. I chose the Tiffany & Co blue box for my color inspiration. What woman doesn’t love Tiffany blue?
  2. Weave ribbons for a table runner

    Weave ribbons for a table runner

    Decorate the table. I rarely use tablecloths. Yes, they are practical, but since I’m a fan of rustic and refined I enjoy seeing the wood grain of my dining room table. The April 2015 issue of Southern Living Magazine offered a beautiful solution- weaving ribbons to make a table runner. I purchased blue burlap, blue glitter tulle, gold tulle, and white and silver ribbons for my runner.
  3. Placements and napkins.
    Color inspiration and custom napkin rings

    Color inspiration and custom napkin rings

    Placements add style and help define the space of each dinner guest. I own fabric placements, but paper placements are an affordable option allowing for customization of each party (easy clean-up too!). I purchased white with gold trim placements from Amazon for my Tiffany-themed dinner. Napkins are just as vital as placements. Paper napkins are not acceptable, in my opinion, for a nice dinner. I own lovely white napkins, but I didn’t have napkin rings that coordinated with my ribbon runner. While I was taking advantage of my Amazon prime account, I also ordered inexpensive shower curtain rings with the intention of spray painting them with Krylon Ocean Blue spray paint (the internet informed me that this is the spray paint that closest matches official Tiffany blue.
  4. Flowers.
    White spider mums

    White spider mums

    Fresh flowers are the finishing touch for every entertaining event. I selected a trio of single stem white spider mums in a rectangular vase. Save money by purchasing vases at Goodwill or at Hobby Lobby (but only when glassware is 50% off).
  5. Enjoy! No further instructions are required.

I was able to delight in this beautiful table setting a week before Mother’s Day. Mr. R&R, Rae, Rose, and I ate a delicious steak dinner (Rae’s choice) topped with blue cheese crumbles, onions, and baby bella mushrooms along side roasted brussel sprouts and roasted red potatoes. The Tiffany-blue decorations and steak dinner were all in celebration of Rae’s confirmation this weekend. We are so proud of her!

P.S. Rae loves her grown-up girl Confirmation gift that arrived in a Tiffany box.


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