Celebrate May Day with a New-to-You Egg Basket

DIY, Entertaining, Facelift, Spray Paint

I have fond childhood memories of preparing May Day baskets. My mom helped us kids hot glue lace around the edges and load leftover plastic Easter grass into green pint size strawberry containers (why don’t they make them anymore?). We topped off the baskets with candy and delivered them to our neighbors, rang the doorbell, and ran as fast as we could. I confess to being a “bad mom” and not carrying on this tradition with Rae and Rose. However, I proudly admit to teaching the girls how to take abandoned egg baskets and turn them into something new.

Vintage Egg Baskets

Vintage Egg Baskets

I have a slight obsession with baskets and organization. I love when everything has a place. I was ecstatic when I came across 5 egg baskets half-rusted and coated in dirt. My OCD mind when into overdrive: sock storage, throw blankets, can koozies, wine bottles for a party (have you noticed I like to drink and entertain?), belt wrangling (an organized closet is a loved closet), cute toilet paper storage, fruit basket on the kitchen counter, k-cup storage (have you seen how many k-cups come in a box at Sam’s Club?), flipped upside down as a pendant light, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Each of the egg baskets I rescued needed a deep cleaning; I didn’t realize that each basket had a colored plastic coating. After the baskets were clean I busted out my spray paint collection and went to work. The currently trending turquoise and white Rust-oleum spray paint included a primer (yes Mom, I really should buy stock in that company), so they were a two-coat spray and I was done. The gold spray paint was not Rust-oleum (insert sad face) and I made the decision to apply a Rust-oleum primer first (of course I did). The remaining baskets were treated with a Rust-oluem (shocker!) clear coat. I feel very strongly against have exposed rusted metal in my house on my floors, counters, or tables.

Egg Baskets in Use

Egg Baskets in Use

Doesn’t it feel good to organize?!?

If you are interested in any of these egg baskets to organize your own home, please send a message to Rae and Rose on Facebook. I will warn you that if you want the “lost socks” baskets, you must come to my home and match socks.


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