Canvas and Barn Wood

Barn Wood, DIY

Canvas painting parties continue to be a popular “girls night out” and team building activity. A quick Google search reveals multiple options throughout the Omaha metro. Painting canvas is therapeutic for the soul and a delightful way to spend a few hours with friends. Artistic ability is not required. The wine does tend to help the paint brush flow. That was today’s PSA.

Canvas on barnwood

Canvas on barn wood

Goodie, Polly Lolly, and I purchased a painting package donated by Hopp’s Art House at a live auction supporting Food Bank for the Heartland.  Hopp’s Art House brought the canvases, paint, brushes, easels and even drop cloths to my house and walked our guests through each step of the painting process. I was amazed that we each were able to create a unique piece following the same easy-to-follow directions (except Polly Lolly, she did not follow directions and made a beautifully distinctive piece).

Reading nook with focal point

Reading nook with focal point

The colors of my painting nicely complement the reading nook that I am starting to decorate. The downside is that an 16×20 canvas is not large enough to adequately fill the wall space above my comfy reading chair. (To clarify, the chair was birthday gift and belongs to me, but the dogs spend more time on it than I do).  Mr. R&R had the idea to assemble a few pieces of weathered barn wood into a large 21 1/2×44 matte for my painting. I have no idea how he attached the boards into one piece, but it only took him minutes. He busted out his trusty level and inserted two nails for the corners of the painting to rest on the barn wood matte.

I am delighted that for under $50 I, um we, were able to create a one-of-a-kind rustic, yet refined focal point piece of art. The even cooler part is that I can easily switch out the canvas if I paint something new.


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